LAUSD students’ success and well-being, employee retention and morale, and the District's fiscal health, are all on the line in this election. Dr. Silke Bradford is the right person to fight for these interests today, tomorrow, and into the future!


The role of a board member is to ensure that the District is responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of our communities, while managing the District's finances and establishing policies in service of a vision that allows both students and adults to thrive. To this end, the priorities Dr. Bradford has identified, based on an on-going constituent listening campaign, include the following: 

  1. Responsible Fiscal Stewardship 

  2. Innovation: Expanding Cutting-Edge Student-Success Programs, Career Pathways, and Technology Initiatives 

  3. Transforming the Role of Schools in our Communities: Building Bridges to Improve Quality of Life for All

Silke's passion is, and will always be, providing a quality education and social-emotional supports to students and their families. Her track record of improving student outcomes, school culture, and district systems/operations, coupled with her ability to honor and mobilize adults in the education space around an impactful vision, has proven effective in every organization she has been a member of. Dr. Silke Bradford’s 20/20 Vision will empower students, families, and LAUSD employees who deserve to have their needs met now! 


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